Welcome to Nomos Applications
We take volumes of state laws and capture them in simple, searchable smartphone applications. Why carry around small cheat-books when you can your entire state law repository at the your fingertips?

Currently our applications run on the iPhone platform, but our primary goal is to eventually support the Blackberry and Android platforms.

We are always looking for ways to improve our apps and appreciate any feedback you can give us. Find an issue with the application? Give us a chance to address it by contacting us through our website.

Note that our original applications were marketed under Mike Kinney and iPhone Apps By Mike. You’ll continue to see these names for some time. Eventually we’ll convert everything over to include the Nomos Applications brand. The same team is still here, the name is new.

Why Nomos?
In Greek Mythology, Nomos was the spirit of law -- a perfect description of our applications.

- The Nomos Applications Team
March 4, 2011